Jan - Modern Scandinavian Chest of Drawers, Solid Pine Wood Cabinet

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  • Overall width: 83 cm
  • Overall height: 100 cm
  • Total depth: 40 cm
  • The cabinet is made of solid pine wood. Pine furniture is a synonym of durability and natural charm of wood. A classic pine fits perfectly into the nature of refined arrangements, being the essence of a universal style. For the production of pine furniture, only the highest quality wood is used, thanks to which, the furniture is extremely durable and graceful in arrangement
  • During the production process solid pine wood is cut into smaller elements. This stage allows you to eliminate those parts of wood on which damage, blemish and too-clear knots are visible. After separating the less-nice ones, we choose only the most beautiful fragments of wood and combine them again. The micro-cabling technology has been applied to this stage of production, which allows for an aesthetic, almost invisible bond with exceptional durability. We also owe strength to the technology used - the wood combined in this way eliminates the risk of furniture deformation under the influence of time and the natural work of the raw material.This is how wooden boards are created with a perfect structure, perfect appearance and extraordinary durability, guaranteeing long-term use without any signs of damage
  • A slight change in the shade of natural pine wood is a normal process resulting from the effects of light and humidity
  • Cabinet requires self-assembly