What are accepted payment methods?

You can pay at checkout using following different payment methods:

  • Credit / Debit card ( We accept all major providers such as VISA/Mastercard/Electron/Maestro/American Express)
  • Apple Pay, G Pay (google pay)
  • Klarna consumer planned payment with 0% interest option. See details below.
  • Bank transfer, details are available after placing an order. You have three working days to make payment and provide us payment confirmation. 


What is planned payment & 0% Interest option?

Klarna Credit - pay in instalments option. Read More about Klarna here.
Consumer credit limit is depending on outcome of the credit assessment.
Consumer payment terms could be 3, 6 or 12 month planned payments.
If you choose 3 months then 0% Interest Period.
If you choose 6 or 12 months instalments then 18.9% APR interest.

Please note:

  • 0% interest period is for 3 months only. It means you can shop today and pay nothing for next three months.
  • Any longer than 3 months will be charged at 18.9% APR interest on the amount of your outstanding credit which starts after the completion of the third month
  • You can settle payment earlier than your chosen approved period and if you do so then APR is calculated on pro rata basis after the completion of the third month
  • If you settle your full outstanding credit amount at the end of the third month then you only pay for your purchase amount i.e. 0% interest free three months peace of mind planned payment option

 If you wish to choose planned payment options then follow steps below.

  • Select Klarna Planned Payment during checkout process step of selecting payment method, see screenshot here.
  • Once you have selected Klarna, you will be re-directed and credit checked.
  • Approved customers will continue the checkout flow with Klarna and rejected customers will receive a message to select another payment method, see screenshot here.


How to order free fabric swatches?

  1. Visit our fabrics link from menu
  2. Click on the type of fabric or leather from the given collection
  3. Select the colour you want and add upto five swatches in the cart (don't worry it priced as zero so won't charge you and doesn't ask for credit / debit card)
  4. Checkout as usual and we will dispatch you swatches within five working days (subject to stock availability)


    How to order?

    • Below are the simple steps for furniture ordering:
      1. Select the furniture design as shown in our product catalogue
      2. Select the Fabric / Leather  from our fabric menu (please note that you can request us swatches if you wish to see and feel the fabric)
      3. Select Wood colour from menu (if available so in the product )
      4. Select stud / ring types from menu (if available so in the product )
      5. Send us any special instructions at the checkout
      6. We will make bespoke furniture for you based on your selection of fabric / leather / wood (Please note that default drop down menu on product page may not necessarily represent the default product image, you may require to ensure that the selection in drop down menu is your choice for the product. We have provided various colours and types of product images as visual indications)  
    • Wall arts are unique handmade paintings one of its kind.
    • Chandeliers and lamp shades can also be customised if you prefer so then please contact us via email to receive samples. 


    Where do we deliver?

    Following countries we are currently delivering to: 
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Bulgaria
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • Germany
    • Hungary
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Luxembourg
    • Monaco
    • Netherlands
    • Norway
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • United Kingdom (except Northen Ireland)


      Warning regarding counterfeit of our brand.

      We would like to warn our customers that it is possible that some websites may do counterfeit products under our brand name. For example, these website shown in photos below are not sourced from us. If you are in doubt then please contact us.

      Example 1 Counterfeit Products

      Example 2 Counterfeit Products

      Example 3 Counterfeit Products


      How much is the delivery cost?

      We offer two types of deliveries which you can choose at the checkout.

      • Free delivery - This is a single man delivering to your main ground floor entrance only (curbside delivery). This delivery does not offer choice of delivery date and time, it means, once order is ready for dispatch, we will inform you 1 to 3 days in advance about expected delivery date and time. This delivery is not suitable if you do not have your own handymen / power lift or the it is large item such as Sofa. Typically chairs are packed in boxes and sofas are packed on pallets. For UK it icludes Brexit custom charges.
      • Two Men delivery - It is not free and delivery price depends on the number of items in your order. This is a room of choice two men delivery arranged as per date and time suitable to you. We can also unpack items and recycle packaging upon delivery. Available for UK Mainland customers only. If you forgot to buy a delivery at the time of making a purchase then you can buy it now here : Buy Delivery.
      • Please note that it is your responsibility as a customer to make sure that you check whether order is complete i.e. not missing any items or parts and free from any damage / missing parts whilst delivery person is present and take evidence. The acceptable proof of a missing or damage items is that the delivery person signing a note that the item(s) is/are damaged/missing during the transport along with signed photo ID of the delivery person. This note must include description of the problem, tracking number, signature of a delivery person, date and time. Signed photographs by delivery person will help strengthen your claim.


      What is the delivery time?

      Furniture manufacturing is a time-consuming process. Nevertheless, we aim to deliver smaller items in 3 to 6 weeks and larger items in 6 to 10 weeks. Our delivery time is subject to change depending on time of the year such as during Christmas, Easter or during summer holidays as well as depending on the number of orders we are dealing at the time. We shall keep you updated with your order delivery status should we anticipate any delay than usual. You can always provide special instructions at the checkout so that we can try our best to meet your needs. Although we are trying our best to meet needs of all our customers, courier company logistic operations are out of our control and we cannot give exact delivery times they can take. Customers are advised to plan their order in sufficient advance to have contingency time available for them.


      What are Christmas Delivery order timelines?

      Although transportation may delay order delivery, we require order to be placed before the dates mentioned below so we can try to delivery it before Christmas:

      Large Sofas:  30th Oct

      Chairs, Armchairs:  1st Nov 

      Other items: 2nd Dec

      No orders are processed between 22nd Dec and 2nd Jan.


      What is the refund policy?

      Bottom line is that we want you to be happy as it gives us satisfaction. Typically we can offer refund within 14 days of receipts of any non bespoke items but we may consider unforeseen circumstances. Considering our business interest and your satisfaction we may require to evaluate circumstances on case by case basis. Please read our complete refund policy here.  


      What is the wood of furniture?

      All furniture made of deciduous wood typically sourced from northern European Aspen or beech trees. The wood colour options can be seen on this palette here.


      Which fabric is used in this particular chair or sofa?

      Please note that default drop down menu on product page may not necessarily represent the default product image, you may require to ensure that the selection in drop down menu is your choice for the product. We have provided various colours and types of product images as visual indications.

      To ensure that the selection in drop down menu is your choice for the product please lookup fabric / leather images on our Fabric page where each sample colour is marked with unique number on each colour sample. For example: French Velvet fabric has three shades very similar to pink, Shade number 661 is pink, 662 is raspberry and 663 is maroon.

      If you are in doubt then please send us email with product you are interested in and we will clarify your queries. You can also request us upto five free fabric samples.


      Where is furniture made?

      All products are handmade in our various workshops in EU with EU standards. We only use EU materials with ethical workmanship. All items are pre-assembled and does not require any major handymen skills.


      What is the status of my order?

      We cannot give you status because it depends on various factors. What we can do is keep you posted with expected delivery date near to the delivery. We will send you order dispatch notification and courier company will call you to arrange your delivery. Please refer to delivery time question for generic order realisation time. You can drop us email with specific question or request about our order and we aim to meet your requirement.


      Where is our showroom?

      We are online store only and we do not have customer visting or viewing facilities. Our products can only be be purchased from our website and currently we do not stock or sell to other retailers such as Wayfair in Germany or UK and FNAC in France.


      How to pronounce Belle Fierté

      Often it is a question for non French speaker so you may wish to hear this audio.


       Any other question?

      Please call our customer service available 24 hours a day or send us email with your enquiry and we aim to return within 48 hours.