Corner Sofas

At Belle Fierté our stylish corner sofas are made to high standard from high quality fabrics and Italian genuine leather. Chesterfield corner sofas are beautifully crafted with lines of nailheads or Swarovski crystals. They are the latest in trend giving any room a luxurious appearance whether it is a living room or a hotel lounge.

Our leather corner sofas are generally made in Verduzzo which is a genuine italian leather but these leather corner sofas can also be made in eco-leather which is artificial leather but mimicing genuine leather, it's cheaper aletrnative for those who prefer.

Most famous colour and high selling sofas are our grey corner sofa. French velvet 666 is most popular fabric for grey corner sofa and with high rub count, this corner sofa can last for years to come.

This beautiful and elegant chesterfield corner sofa collection is available in a wide range of colours, reflecting modern trends in interior design. It includes universal, timeless shades and a set of intensive, sometimes extravagant colours. The practical characteristics of our fabrics are improved thanks to the Zero Spot System which protects material, preventing the penetration of liquids and facilitating the removal of all types of stains. All these features gives corner sofas an excellent options to consider while designing any interior. In this collection of corner sofas our designs are made to give your decor a sophisticated elegant appearance.

Giving a high end furnishing, our tufted velvet corner sofas offer a stylish decor without being flamboyant! Despite being in use as everyday solution for any room, the durability of our velvets gives these chesterfield corner sofas an ability to serve for years. All the selection of our velvet fabrics are soft to the touch, easily cleanable as well as fire retardant giving comfy yet elegant sitting for as long as you need whether it is a home or a hotel. Made with European deciduous wood, these sofa frames are strong yet light weight to move around.

All our upholstered sofas and chairs are designed to match to different decor suitable to your interior style and comes in various colour options.

Moreover the furniture comes with 10 years of manufacturing guarantee and designed to sustain wear and tear providing ergonomic back support as well as sturdy support over its wooden frame.

We offer 0% interest free option as well as all prices are inclusive of VAT and free delivery on any order. All upholstery of dining chairs are made in EU and usually delivered within 5-7 weeks. Our high ethics and quality assurance means you have peace of mind. Our excellent customer services are available 24 hours a day on 020 3868 5868 and always happy to assist you.

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