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FRENCH is a luxurious woven fabric of velvet family, with a structure known as the pile weave, where the yarns are woven into little loops in one direction, giving the fabric that smooth hand and luster. The characteristics of FRENCH VELVET include being very soft to the touch with subtle, opalescent shine, with quite strong, bright reflexes. This beautiful and elegant fabric is available in a wide range of colours, reflecting modern trends in interior design. It includes universal, timeless shades and a set of intensive, sometimes extravagant colours. As a fabric, it’s water repellent, possess antibacterial certificate (ECOTEKS) and it’s environmentally friendly. Undoubtedly it will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.To reserve softness and nice touch of fabric, it was produced by using yarns with long hair which in turn may be on result in putting down the hair in places often your usage, which is a natural effect of the fabric. Rub Count of 115,000 makes it a great fabric choice for upholstered furniture and it's currently client's favourite. Fabric Properties: composition = 100% polyster, grammage = 350 g  / m sq, width = 140 cm