About Us

Dear Shoppers,

It is my great pleasure to introduce Belle Fierté to you!

I am a designer and having designed various products for over 10 years, I want to bring my collection directly to you. My design style is to combine new and traditional concepts together to give a bold beautiful statement. The intention of this boutique is to work on very minimal operating profit so that you receive great quality handmade products without having to pay enormous retail prices whilst craftsmen receive higher wages and improves their living standards. Belle Fierté thus bringing you pride of owning something beautiful and for those craftsmen for their beautiful work.

I often spend my time traveling across Europe cherry-picking arts, styles and character that I want to offer you in this boutique.  My initiative of this boutique began in 2015 when I felt accomplished designing till date luxury jewellery, handbags, women accessories and Home furnishing. We are team of exclusive craftsmen here at Belle Fierté, what we do is when we receive your order, we handmade with our carefully selected material within EU and deliver to you upon completion in few weeks. Our one of its kind selected Wall Arts are hand painted by artist who draws paintings with emotions and telling a story through pictures.

The pleasure and pride that our craftsmen and artists receives upon producing what they know the best, is what Belle Fierté wants to bring to you.

Our main clienteles are Interior designers, Architects, Hotels, Shops, Restaurants and we also offer bespoke shopping experience for something that only you own. We are here to be a boutique of small yet beautiful collection of our latest handmade quality designer products.

Check out FAQ and please feel free to drop us a line if you have any question and someone from our team would get in touch with you.

Thank you for visiting and hope you find a great shopping experience with us!

Yours thankfully,