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SABBIA microfibre is characterized not only by its multiple advantages but also a stunning palette of colours. It is a beautiful fabric with a delicate texture, deceptively similar to top quality suede. However, unlike suede, this product is very easy to keep clean. SABBIA guarantees problem-free use and maintenance. In order to remove most common stains from the fabric, it is enough to apply a drop of water with a suitable detergent. More bothersome stains, e.g. ballpoint ink, require using a little alcohol or non-oleaginous solvent. When it is possible to take the fabric off the furniture, the best way to clean it is machine washing at a maximum temperature of 40°C or dry cleaning. The fabric is protected by Zero Spot System - a unique technology which makes it easier to remove various types of stains. Another positive feature are the technical parameters, much more advanced in comparison with other marketed upholstery fabrics. It is proved by e.g. the result of Martindale test carried out during 100 000 cycles. The range of colours of SABBIA reflects the most current trends. Bright and rich shades allow for limitless ways of interior design, classical or modern.

The above-mentioned features make SABBIA a product which is elegant, durable and easy to maintain. Undoubtedly, SABBIA will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.